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Passive income for creatives

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Last year I paid all of my rent, flights and other travel expenses through so called passive income (income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain). Now more than ever this type of income is of crucial importance to creatives around the world. This book teaches you how to diversify your income streams and how to protect your downsides.

This 60 page e-book teaches you everything I know:

  • How to set up a system with multiple income streams.
  • How to stop trading your time for money.
  • How to come up with digital products to sell.
  • How to set up your own online store.
  • How to build a website that works for you.
  • How to find and use affiliate and referral programs.
  • How to set up an email database.
  • How to grow your social media channels.
  • How to tackle content licensing.
  • How to set up membership websites.
  • Insights into how much money I've earned.
  • And SO MUCH MORE (seriously).

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