Passive Income For Creatives [e-book]
Passive Income For Creatives [e-book]
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Passive Income For Creatives [e-book]

Passive Income For Creatives [e-book]

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Do you feel like you're missing out on income but don't know where to improve? Trust me, I know how you feel. I was in your position only a few years ago. Then out of nowhere, my whole world got turned upside down and I needed to come up with a solution to survive.

I got to work, did the research, documented the entire process, and boiled it all down into a framework which is what this e-book is about. Since then I'm not just surviving, I'm thriving. What a rhyme.

In the last two years, my passive income system has made me over $70,000.

The framework in this e-book applies to any niche or hobby and teaches you everything you need to know to start making money passively.

In over 30 entertaining and insightful chapters you will learn how to:

  • Stop trading your time for money so you can spend more time creating.
  • Come up with valuable and diverse content ideas and digital products.
  • Build your own online store.
  • Escape social media algorithms by creating lead magnets and a newsletter.
  • Find the right affiliate and referral marketing programs that fit your niche.
  • Build a website that makes you money, or properly monetize the one you already have.
  • Authentically grow a following on social media and beyond.
  • Set up paid membership platforms.
  • Bonus content: 10 detailed passive income reports for my 2020 earnings, giving you an extremely detailed insight into how my system works.
  • Bonus content: your own spreadsheet template to keep track of your system with automated graphs.

If you're doubtful whether this will work for you, I invite you to read some of the reviews. This framework applies to any hobby or niche you can think of, and it has helped hundreds of people since it got published for the first time in 2019.

Stop missing out on extra money and spend more time focusing on your craft. Use my framework and start building your passive income system today!

PS: This e-book has been rewritten and updated in February 2021, with more insights, extra chapters, new bonus content and so much more. If you purchase a copy you will get life-long free future updates.

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