Pro Timelapse Template cover art
The Post Haste interface with the Pro Timelapse Template active
The automatically generated folders and project files using Post Haste and the Pro Timelapse Template

Pro Timelapse Template for Post Haste

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The Pro Timelapse Template is a custom template file for the free app Post Haste.
It automatically generates asset folders and Adobe project files with the correct date and file names.
It is an incredible
 time saver that every serious timelapse photographer, filmmaker and content creator should use.

Whenever you start a new photo or video project the PTT will automatically generate a consistent folder structure for all of your media.
The PTT also generates Adobe Premiere Pro and After E
ffects files, as well as a FCPX library where needed.

The below folder structures and project files were generated in literally five seconds by Post Haste using the Pro Timelapse Template.

Pro Timelapse Template for Post Haste

Instead of having a disorganised set of folders on your hard drive, you will have a consistent folder structure for every single project or shoot.

If you ever need to revisit an older project in the future (for example when you get an image licensing request), it will take you seconds instead of minutes or hours to find the specific files that you are looking for.
The PTT has saved me countless hours of looking through old hard drives for photos or rendered timelapse files.